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Having the ability to view system resource information is absolutely essential for building a truly efficient application for mobile clients. Developers need to know their application's run-time memory consumption, heap and stack sizes, etc to fine tune their applications. SystemExplorer is a development utility brought to you by a group of Symbian developers who use this utility daily. It has a system resource monitor, file explorer and panic code look-up. There are extensive file and string search capabilities for quickly finding information on your phone. It lists processes, threads, apps, semaphores, hardware information and much more. It allows terminating unruly applications and processes. This utility surely is a great tool for developers to build better applications for meeting Symbian Signed test criteria.
Customer Reviews:

· This program is realy great. - by G. Biber from Germany.
· Invaluable tool - by a reviewer from San Francisco, CA.
· Send log files to PC via SendAs is a good help for developers -   from Canton, China
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