Justek's China engineering team is an efficient and dedicated mobile software-development team. As Senior Product Manager at Cisco, I have had the opportunity to work with them directly to implement Jabber features on iOS and Android platforms over the past several years. With their in-depth knowledge of mobile development and video, audio, and network communication experience, they consistently make valuable contributions to feature design, product enhancement and troubleshooting of challenging problems. They are deadline conscious; once feature requirements are defined, they work efficiently and reliably to meet deadlines. It is a pleasure to work with the Justek team.

Karin Wuhrmann
Senior Product Manager at Cisco
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I have worked with Justek's Quality Assurance Team for over 3 years.They have a good understanding of QA methodology and are able to execute a large number of testcases within the scheduled timeframe. They are conscientious, detail oriented and are directly responsible for the quality of our released mobile software products. I highly recommend Justek's Quality Assurance Team for any software product.

Ileen Dranchak
QA Lead - Mobility Systems

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